IT security

The effective protection of the ICT infrastructure is a challenge that every institution and company faces. Viruses, malware and hacker attacks are a daily threat. Active security systems ensure that it is neutralised as soon as possible. Encryption, one-time authorisation codes and authorisation control ensure that only people who are authorized have the access to the data and IP monitoring guarantees physical security.

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Authorisation and authentication

One of the method of hacking into an IT system is to steal the identity of its users.

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Anti-virus systems

An anti-virus system increases the security level of a server or workstation.

Video conferencing and telecommunication systems

Syntech offer allows to create a complete audiovisual system based on devices such as projectors, screens, interactive boards and visualisers. The offered audiovisual solutions are used in education as well as for equipping conference rooms, congress centres, multimedia management in commercial installations and smart houses.

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Video conferencing equipment

It enables effective communication between multiple branches of the company, without the need for the physical presence of all the participants in one place.

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Presentation systems

The offered audiovisual solutions are used in education as well as for equipping conference rooms and congress centres.

DMS workflow management

Invoices, faxes, contracts… more and more company documents are now in digital form. Syntech offers solutions which create a document circulation system in the company – OCR software, as well as a wide range of document scanners: from mobile to advanced workgroup devices.

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OCR software

Intelligent and professional OCR software for creating editable and searchable electronic files from scanned paper documents.

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DMS software

Ubiquitous digitisation and the need for instant access to information make digital document archiving not a matter of distant future but a standard for many companies.

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