We offer a 3D printing and prototyping services. We have a large workspace and high resolution printouts and a whole range of materials. We print in the FDM technology with the help of one of the most advanced printers on the market.


We have materials resistant to acid, resistant to high forces, easy to process with metal tools and many other...

Dual extrusion

Thanks to the innovative technology of dual extrusion, we can print models with water-soluble supports, which gives us the possibility, among other things, to extract moving parts

Production of dedicated electronic devices

Our company offers service, design, prototyping and implementation of systems and entire electronic devices. We specialize in the realization of our customer's ideas and needs, to which there are no solutions on the international market.

Experienced professionals

Our devices and PCBs are designed by experienced staff

Simple and Advanced

We deal with both large and complicated layouts as well as small and simple PCBs

Production of dedicated accessories for an innovative office

We offer a service of prototyping and production of accessories dedicated to the innovative office, such as holders for electronic devices, mechanical devices necessary to perform the relevant processes and many others. You have an idea but you don’t know who to contact? Consult with us and we will definitely help, advise and finally implement.

CNC Machining

n the production of parts we usually use CNC machines, although we also often deal with handicrafts.

High-end materials

We use only the highest quality materials, subtle for the application.

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