Networking and IT Infrastructure Management


Based on our many years of experience we offer a wide range of services and we specialize in the selection and implementation of compatible solutions, which will ensure a stable operation of the entire network. While designing the network’s architecture, we remember that in today’s world it is the backbone on which the modern communication is based.


We implement both the “light” access point architecture with WLAN controller and the traditional “AP rich” solutions

LAN networks

The LAN supports the lowest layers of the OSI model and the ability to manage all the elements of the IT systems depends on its integrity and reliability.

IT Infrastructure Management

The management of network elements- proper and trouble-free operation of the computer network demands continuous monitoring and a reaction if any problems occur. The actions of monitoring the state of a network composed of many different systems and products would be practically impossible without the use of tools which help manage the elements of the network offered by our firm.

Systems and Applications

The work of administrators without the support of specialised management systems would require considerable time and cost.


A proper management of network services determines its efficiency.

Computerization of Enterprises

Paperwork in enterprises is now a thing of the past and the awareness of the great importance of the IT industry is commonly known. As the internal systems in companies are usually quite well integrated it is worth remembering to align them with the solutions used in the constantly changing business infrastructure.

Employee Comfort

Company managers with growing awareness are matching the computers, networks and mobile devices to theirs employee's needs and every-day work requirements.

Efficiency in the IT environment

Any vigorously developing organisation should systematically analyze its processes and optimize them.

Intelligent Buildings

Integrated management systems allow to improve the comfort of living in residential buildings, small companies and large corporations. Innovative solutions go hand in hand not only with a sense of luxury, but also with significant savings resulting from new, carefully selected solutions.

Residential housing

The main task of the electronics contained in modern houses is to make the operating of traditional installations easier.

Corporations and small businesses

We specialize in creating intelligent offices and entire buildings.

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