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Business Class Devices

Business class devices offered by Syntech take care of convenience, work comfort and safety of demanding users. Made from durable and professional materials, resistant to everyday work both in an office and outside of it.

Our Products

are characterized by reliability, performance, ultra mobility and safety...

Ultrafast Delivery

If necessary, we are able to deliver our products even on the same day.

Storage and Servers

Secure data storage is a major challenge. Stable and efficient servers connected to data collection, transmission and sharing systems, as well as their recovery in case of failure, guarantee the security of critical information. Based on our rich experience we propose the best solution in terms of advanced technologies.


In companies, all of the most important functions of communication and cooperation of employees can be supported by appropriately selected servers.


The purpose of disk arrays is to ensure adequate data transmission performance, real-time security and the number of input/output operations the array should provide.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial solutions perfectly fit the current trends, with Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT at the forefront. On top of that they influence the development of smart cities projects and enable monitoring of transmission, water and building infrastructure. They also support key processes in industries such as retail, logistics or healthcare. Particularly noteworthy are the uses in rail, road and ITS systems, that is in extremely adverse environmental conditions.

Continuous operation

We distribute devices characterized by reliability and resistance to adverse operating conditions.

Predictive maintenance

Improving the efficiency of machinery use through more effective management of overhauls and movement maintenance.

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