Video surveillance is an integral part of security systems in companies. Due to the great benefits of installing camera systems in companies, it is now used not only by large corporations. Small, but fully professional and effective monitoring systems are also chosen by owners of small companies, often employing only a few people. Closed-circuit television installations are already present in nearly every shop, as well as offices, service providers, banks and catering establishments.

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Wired monitoring

Designed mostly for large companies. It allows to integrate and combine an unlimited number of cameras.

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IP monitoring

Reliable, independent of wires. Easy to install and ideal for smaller businesses and homes.

Alarm systems

It doesn’t matter whether your most valuable possession are machines or your computer data, it is worth protecting it. We offer design, installation and service of reliable alarm systems from renowned brands. Having many years of experience in this industry we are able to mostly predict possible threats and adapt alarm installations to the specificity of a given object.

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Water, fire, gas…

Various types of accidents can effectively complicate company’s operations.

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The systems we offer will immediately inform both you and the relevant services about the threat.

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